Salter Fine Cutlery

In Stock Item: 180mm 'Raptor' series Bunka-style Chef and Vegetable Knife

$ 825.00

Add an impressive addition to your kitchen! This new 180mm bunka design chef knife will amaze and delight the most discerning chef or home cook.

This knife is sure to become a favorite 'go-to' knife for vegetable or meat prep.

Beautiful, unique, and exceptional in every way, this knife is functional art meant to be used and passed to future generations.

Custom designed by Salter Fine Cutlery and hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery in Japan. It is made from a very high quality Japanese stainless powder metal die steel, called R2.

Every knife has been forged from a solid bar of steel. There are no welded sections like you find in many production knives.  

The custom pattern featuring hammer-claw marks with damascus lines near the blade edge was created by an 8th generation bladesmith to our own Salter Fine Cutlery proprietary design. He made the blade using time-honored traditional Japanese forging methods.

The claw marks have a high-polished finish which contrast beautifully with gray matte damascus lines near the bottom section of the knife, near the blade edge.

Our custom handle was created on the Big Island of Hawaii. Completely handcrafted, it features exotic and rare super curly Hawaiian koa wood and Mozambique ebony (both sustainably harvested) with a straight faceted traditional looking handle shape. Includes metal fittings at either end of the handle for increased durability and several decorative black and white accents.

The knife is offered as knife only.  Order a custom stand, saya or leather sheath to accompany your knife.

Update 7/25/22: This knife has been sold.