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The Salter Edge

Our Woods

As a Hawaiian-based artisan, our signature wood is the rare and exotic Hawaiian curly koa. Koa is known for its rich colors, grain patterns, and chatoyance, which gives the grain pattern an almost iridescent quality that seems to dance and change hues in different lighting.

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Our Blades

In perfect symmetry with our handcrafted exotic wood handles, our cutlery products are made with individually hand-forged Japanese stainless steel or carbon-forged blades that are among the sharpest, most precise cutting instruments in the world.

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Our Artist

Every piece created by Salter Fine Cutlery is a labor of love, designed and handcrafted by Gregg Salter. Formally trained in the art of fine woodworking, Gregg has combined his passion for Old World woodworking techniques with his lifelong interest in knives to create products that have modern functionality with the quality that can only be achieved through true hand-craftsmanship.

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I just received the package yesterday and gifted it to my boyfriend last night. He was completely blown away! I was also in awe of how stunning the knife looks in person. I look forward to ordering more pieces from you in the future. Thank you very much!

– J Hattori

I am truly honored and blessed to have a piece of your work...thanks again really super, love it!

– J Moschetti - Professional Chef

The knives arrived in perfect condition. They are spectacular!

– D Laurance

When I ordered my knives, I had no idea what an excellent product I was getting. Not until I had the knife in my hand did I realize the quality of the blades. And nothing on the market compares to the beauty of the handles. Thank you!

– L & Z Charles

WOW.....Just WOW. It's a thing of beauty!!! I'm so pleased!!!

– H Stoddard

Thank you for going the extra mile on the steak knives. Wish there were more around like you.

– C Leedy

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